What does the foxe say?

Pige go oink
Cowe go moo
Da ting go skkrt
Thots go schlurp a brodie

But what does the foxe say?

Oop. I meant, *you’re mome go moo

Cowe, you’re mome, sæm ting

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Da ting go skkkkrrrraaa, papakakaka
Skivipipopop and a poopooturrrboom
Skija, tutukukututoom, poompoom
You dun know, Big Shaq
Ha, yo, yeah yeah
Alright, fire-fire-fire in the booth
You get me, man’s not hot
I tell her man’s not hot
I tell her man’s not hot
The girl told me '‘take off your jacket’'
I said '‘babes, man’s not hot’'
Yo, man can never be hot
Perspiration ting, Lynx effect
Yo, you dun know