What does "katakuri" mean?


Can someone explain this picture?

From the clan "Littlelost your lost"

Dont know what that word means, but since you posted it here, I think something bad.

But I worry more about the again used level-lower-bug !
“LEVEL 10” again, after years of playing jajajaja !


Screen … “LEVEL 6” AND it is NOT a visual bug (as the MAIN developer explained to me !), like some tried to explain that it is just a visual bug, it is a clear abuse of a bug, to get more “FREE” tokens (leveling up all the time !


Its ok guys. I just confused, what does “katakuri” mean? :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


i did a little research i found it is a flower called dogtooth violet


All the cheaters should be booted @Tacticsoft. It is not fair for the people who spend time and money in the game. I have made several reports on this topic. They are exploiting a bug @LaLaDum has photographic proof of it. Until you take care of the cheaters I will not spend another cent on this game… You can check their accounts to see if they spent money on them. Or are you raking in the cash so much you can’t keep track of who spent what?


katakuri is kevin25, he changed his nickname idont remember why, for tokens?


Katakuri means “violet flower” in Japanese, which is different from the food themed names of the Charlotte Family and Big Mom Pirates.


Or could be from an anime


Yes, it’s from anime, i remember he was talking about anime fightings with mr.Grosbite. He said he will change he’s name to Katakuri for tokens i think, but how?


just an “ANIME” character
name: commander katakuri
occupation: pirate

this is just kevin alejandro that pretends to hide after I use the kevin bug just like they are the new kids rats (although children have nothing) are just a pair of cheeky idiots who should be banned from the game.

@Lannister by the way you have the se77en in your clan so do not play the innocent.


It should be the correct se77en now (owner of account), I think he got it back !


And since in Litlelost your lost many bad things happens, he seems to prefer Reign Reforged … or he try to work against HardToKIill … good luck with that !



so why? he got his account back. Am i make mistake?


they never lost it, just made that fraud to hide the use of campaign bugg of the last version, in addition to stealing and damaging accounts as they tried to do with the wepwawet, fortunately got to recover the account of wepwawet before it was damaged, the The problem is that they were using the trust with wepwawet and told him that they had stolen his account and borrowed wepwawet’s to make complaints, so they changed his password, then he said that they had also stolen facebook and his he says that he had not been, the same happened with kevin, and the same strategy, both now appear again with their cuetas doing nothing, but are already marked as robbers and (rats children) although none of the 2 be children because they are adults, their behavior if it is so they are betados of the main clans, until now you and litllelost have rejoined in an attempt to climb the clan without giving The most important thing is to have honest and honorable members …


that isn’t se77en, just so you know… it’s one of the " rat pack guys"…


@Manolis109 you can change it in settings and info
your nickname will be there click on on the edit button,
i am pretty sure it is still there


Here is it, very well explicated!!!


lol, i know, i mean how can he get tokens by changing his nickanme to “katakuri”


i have no idea

maybe by secretly throwing his bank account at the screen as he changes his name


The name-change is part of that cheat (and cost no tokens), that proves that his story to cover it, is absolute nonsense !

AND it explains the many name-changes in the past few day / weeks !



100% correct !!
You can get 2000 tokens each day by resetting lvl.