What do you want to obtain from the game?


I also like a heat mech because heat mech can make me fun and like to make other player overheat!


I am an energy player but I like my physical mech


You need to think how to energy drain mech good too


Can anyone tell me,which premium item you want to get it most?

  • Legendary up modules
  • Premium weapons
  • Others

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Sorry I type wrong,it is hp


A mighty cannon.

and some tokens.


I also like mighty cannon than night eagle!


totally the mighty cannon


If this top weapon with might cannon for physical mech,I think it is very good!:v:


But I think it is heavy!:expressionless:


29 weight is really light.

You can fit all sorts of weapons with this.


If you have a heat mech,which drone would you like to use it?

  • Murmur
  • Clash
  • Nemo

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I didn’t say if energy was bad. I said if i hate brute force.:wink:
IMO, The real battle started, if you match against heat mechs or if you used heat mech (because heat mechs are based for defensive, the best defense is turn off the enemy’s turn). Cmiiw.
In old supermechs, players who had mastered heat mechs are MrOneTwo, KLOWN and SickMonster. Different with energy and physical, its easy to mastering them. Imo


I’ve played with heat a lot before reloaded (2 firethrowers and 1 axe) and it was not that complicated


Try to change other you like heat weapons,or build other mech, otherwise you will really hate your old building.


I play with psyh build now


Really? I didn’t play sm since it updated new axe.
Meh, i don’t care if u are complicated or not.
I just say if heat has more art than those two.
I dont know if you understand what im talking about.
Just have fun for the game


I’m here for the good times, the satisfaction of winning arena battles (especially the difficult ones), and because giant robots are cool.


Today,let talk about energy mech.
First the for,which energy drone do you like it most ?

  • Anguish
  • Facesocker
  • Windforge

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lets make a other supermechs…the way we like it…with public ownership…:grin: