What do you want to obtain from the game?


Hi guys,can anyone give your opinion for this thing?
The question is what do you want it the most in this game?

  • A.Win a lot of arena points
  • B.make a friendship
  • C.others

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become the second rising lel



one of these days I will leave the game, too much time invested and few results … if in 2 months I do not get any legen-mitic (as normal I must be normal at least 15 legend - mitic) I say goodbye to this …


It is hp mod for legendary item?




more often novelty ,item


I freakin Mighty cannon


Open a pack and actually get any energy L-M weapon instead of having all epics from packs




If someone choose other,can you guys give me a example?


Being a f2p


So I suppose this would make u happy :slight_smile:
making people happyother one


Apparently , yes , i have a dream of collecting L-M energy weapons , once i collected and mythed them all , i will stop SM , or TS will release a new one and i will stay until i get , myth and max it


From the game? The ownership of it.


My account being the top 10, and someone buy that account for $50.000 lol
Just Kidding


Can someone told me which mech you like it most?

  • A.Heat mech
  • B.Energy mech
  • C. Physical mech

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If no one like energy mech,then can you tell me the reason why energy mech is not popular for now?

  • A.it is sick
  • B.Always lose with high energy mech
  • C.other mech is more better than energy
  • D.other(give me a example)

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It is overpowered, and unbalanced


usually without premium objects the other energy of destroying, and even having them if they have high energy equal vales mothers


Heat mechs have an art by overheating, its really hard to choose the most effective movement per turn, its really like chess (long battle),
energy - physical (fast battle, brute force)
Sorry, but i don’t like brute force.