What Do You Want For Easter?


Would You Prefer SuperMechs to give you a free (Premium Pack) or a (Portal) for Easter?

  • Premium Pack
  • Portal

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3 Premium Packs :exclamation:



That may be a little too much but a pack would be nice!

50% Off Easter Weekend Sale

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This is from last year

I want:

  • 2 free premium pack
  • 30% sale of premium boxes for 48 hours
  • easter portal
  • bunny ear perk that can buy for 10 tokens


All I want is a Mercy, a Rolling Beasts, or two Spartan Carnages.


We need to hope for the best …

4 Premium Packs :exclamation:



Good friends, for me it was better to put my new drone or weapon “Raizer” in a portal of articles in the special, also give us at least 1 PB to all the accounts of the SM, I would like to put as an element, as the portal of the unicornos, put some rabbit ears to the enemies of the portal, also that in the portal change the boxes of rewards to Easter eggs, you have to rescue 4 eggs to win the mission, thanks for watching and reading @L4K3 @Sarah247 @Mohadib @KilliN


I have 50% of your wishlist hehe


A portal that doesnt have a bullshit money grabbing difficulty on insane like the last grave diggers portal


15 Premium packs 5 not under I never got any legendary from armory 1-4 from silver box and premium box


They’ll never give everyone 15 premium packs that are 75 epics and many would legendary unless you meant premium box which would still be 15 items. I would be grateful for one premium pack.


I want everything with everything maxed and 999999999 tokens and portals that give out weapons to me and only me that do a minimum of 19000 explosive damage and 8000 energy drain. And throw in some premium packs that only give torsos that have 180000HP when maxed. One last thing is I want a chocolate Easter egg too.


LIke that’s gona happen :slight_smile:


4 premium packs for everybody


And a nice item like legendary items ok


and daily rewards when daily quests restart


minimum 3 premium packs


Now it is …

5 Premium Packs :exclamation:



ok just 4 premium pack and one portal


every year we should get better rewards ok