What do you use to make fanart?


I need help for an app that you problily use to make those pic @L4K3 @Winz_Kay


They don’t use websites.they install sprite makers to make those sprites.


Wait then what app do the use


You can use inkscape,adobe animate etc.


Okay I will try Inkscape are there any free ones




Okay well then fine I will just ask other people


There are no “Sprite Makers” Lol, we drawn it.


Then how do you guys make them look nice


We drawn it bro… In my case it’s made in Adobe Flash CS6 Professional.


You can buy Adobe Flash/Animate (any version) or you can download programs like Inkscape,GIMP,etc for free.
I made a quick guide for Inkscape and I can tell you anything regarding that program.
For the other program,there is also a guide on Animate made by KilliN,Elcent,Xzyckon,Maxy and Zarkares.
You’ll find whatever you need here,on this forum.


oh but i can spend money


Money for…?
Dude,read the posts above :slight_smile:


oh i will just down load inkscape