What do you think of my mech



VEry solid base. Well done


@Joao_Brilhante Very nice mech!
I do see room for improvement (the energy), but very well done!


roket king build so yeah pretty good


Yup, you might wanna try exchanging the mass coolling for an energy one. i see you have some stock of theese


don’t change the heat for enrgy… you will overheat yourself… and if you meet a CL user, you gonna stay cooked all the time(desolation generates a sheetload of self heat).Also remember there is that nice top wepon Vandal Rage… -46cooling.





LMAO… yep…that was what i had in mind :)))))


Thats my actual second mech LMAO.

It also has a murmur lol


I think that’s a very solid Rocket King build.
Very nice.


Thats nice.just max out the modules and you’ve got yourself a good build


Exactly my mech but with an abomination instead of terror cry



I’m not one to talk as I’m a physical and I kill you guys head after head :slight_smile:


Just a bit evil there, but very true :grin:


remove the energy and put more hp and if you spare space a heat engine


Everyone gets a little cocky every once in a while.

Just so you don’t flag this as off-topic,that’s a solid build,myth these modules fast and you’re all good to go.
Plus,I like the paint.