What do you think of my idea?


What do you think about converting sm to token
for example 10000 sm = 20 tks or something

What do you think?


A bit overpowered.
10,000 gold isn’t anything.


100000 is somethin eh?




In this realm it gona be like 100000000 for 1 token


How about no?

You can get 30 tokens per day if you watch ads and if you do dailly quests
You can get at least 200 tokens per week from raid with a good build
45 tokens from gold portals or item portals

So you can get 455 tokens per week without too many problems

More tokens means more buyers,which means a bad drop rate

Having 1000 tokens is useless if there are bad drop rates,we need a better drop rate no more tokens

Your math is pretty wrong

You said that i can change 10k gold for 20 tokens right?
Ok so for 30 k gold i can buy 60 tokens
From those 60 tokens i can buy 50000 gold
Keep going

So that means infinit gold and tokens,which will make everything useless

So how about no?


your arguement is correct but how does more buyers mean less drop rate please explain


I saw something at every sale,when a lot of people buy things,drop rate are bad af,when just few players buy stuff,they get good things,of course this is just a theory,personl luck and drop rate chance counts too

2 sales ago,i got 2 op items and 3 legendarys in a single pack,it was after nered boxes problems,so just few players buyed something

When some players get something from sale,they post it on forum(if you read this and you are that kind of player,nobody cares about what you got!),right after some players post pictures with tones of legendarys got from sale,drop rates become bad,at least for me and at least 20 more players

This may be just a conspiracy theory,i have no proof,no evidence,it s just my opinion

I really think that there is a list or something,some players get op stuff everytime,and some of them get 1 decent item in a month,voltair and l4k3 for example

Sorry for off topic



only in a million years


You said that i can change 10k gold for 20 tokens right?
Ok so for 30 k gold i can buy 60 tokens
From those 50 tokens i can buy 50000 gold and i remain with 10 tokens
Keep going

Infinit tokens and gold


this isnt proven so u cant be using it as a point in an arguement


Read it twice,i said that it s just my opinion,don t like it?don t read it then


This idea has been coming regularly since the begining of time itself. “Got a new idea heh”.
Could be nice and warm, not gonna happen; they make their money by seling toks…


With this idea you can get infinit tokens



That is very correct and logical.


20 Tokens isn’t also.

Edit: My mistake, actually it’s a bad number, a player with 1.000.000 Gold would have 2000 Tokens for free.


Well I have 8M gold at the moment which means
I will have 16000 tokens


Probably 500,000 = 1 token in this realm.


100000sm for 50 tokens