What do you think of my build?


i just need an anihilation to complete it


fak i think theres a general thread for this
oops too late

ignore my fail


what is your rank?
pretty good for rank like,13-12 i guess?
concentrate more on modules for now, after max legendarying the weapons.Use a saviour resistance, since this is your main build.Remove a heat capsule unit and add an energy engine or energy capsule unit, cause all your weapons need energy.


Not much to say; you can get either annihilation and replace BackBreaker with it or keep BB and add second nightfall. Keep looking for heat engines, after you get at least one replace heat capsules. I think 2x heat engine should be enough, you will save one slot for another plating. Keep that resist, it’s one of best items late game. In case of energy stats, preferably replace booster with engine if you get one. Upgrade your modules, don’t leave them at epic stage. Lvl 40 legend heat engine has double the stats of epic lvl 1, same for other mods and even weapons (although not all). At lvl 50 myth their stats are triple of lvl 1 epic.

“not much to say”


eehh i could beat it with both of my mechs… my newb energy just needs 2 shots while my heat mechs has enough hp and dmg dealing weapons

your build could be better tho, get rid off the teleport and maybe change the hook for a heat one if you need 1 weight spare… also get rid off the back breaker unless you REALLY need it. once you get anni everything will become better but remember that most phy mechs have 3 iron plates and the rest mods if they can


Okay then.

First off, that is good mech, just get an another Nightfall, or replace BB with Annihilation. Drone is quite good, get 1 or 2 more Heat Engines, and 1 more Energy engine for a rounded build. You decide if you wanna keep that Savior Resistance, but it’s worth it if you myth it in the future or at least keep it.


Remove ax, Replace it with Anni, Remove those caps and add one more HP plate, Add a Heat mod, Legend the heat mods


if you want this to be a phy/heat counter then equip 2 iron plates, keep the resistance and the rest should be infested in heat engines (and maybe 1 or 2 in energy if you want to… not necesary if it’s a phy/heat counter)
if you want a pure phy counter then equip 3 iron plates and keep the res, the rest should be divided into maybe 1 heat and the rest energy
and if you want a energy/phy counter then equip 2 iron plates and keep the phy res, keep 1 heat engine and the rest into energy engines

also change the BB to an anni as soon as you get it