What do you think of me?

i get you all want me banned here is the time to think

  • Not say any thing for 2 days on the forum
  • I can stay but with some rules

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don’t make useless topics

hey well at least i get some answers what are the rules

Don’t annoy anyone lol


what makes me annoying list every thing

Creating useless topics

keep it coming it wont hurt

That’s all

oh okay thats okay :grin:

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I don’t live here so you don’t annoy me. Do whatever you want here except attack other members . Who cares what others think. Do what makes you happy and have fun


you should never assume I know or care about whatever it is you did.


okay maybe not you but i know about Transcendant

Stop spamming threads and posts, make your posts actually readable, and yeah, that’s about it, really.


All your posts about how someone hates you are just sad. This is basically an open invitation to get bullied. If i wasn’t so lazy i would take up the offer but unfortunately for you i am lazy. So I’m not gonna bother. There’s a fine line between ironic self-deprecation and just hating yourself and thinking everyone else hates you. you need to realize that your actions and words have consequences. Like tagging someone constantly when they dgaf about a topic. Or re-asking the same question multiple ways just to receive the same answer. And you also need to stop assuming. Just because you piss someone off and they tell you to leave them alone doesnt mean they or anyone else hates you. This is an inappropriate topic for this forum. @Elcent

(Sorry for tagging u, Elce)

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Don’t make so many topics on questions that you can answer yourself. For example, don’t always ask what to do with your mech, try ti figure the decision out by yourself sometimes. Isn’t making decisions on what to do with your mech part of the fun with this game?

Also, is english your first language?
If so, take some time to type a bit neater so you are easier to understand

This is just bad…
Dude,I get it.
Transcendant over here told you a couple things.
You made a couple useless topics and replied with non-sense or off-topic crap.
You made us waste our neurons by asking for help multiple times to get the same answer and not put any advice to practice (now that’s a real waste).
But we don’t hate you.
You are one of us and you will grow.
We will do whatever we can to aid you.
Do not ever think like that of yourself.
For example,I am a metalhead.A metalhead that sleeps around 4-5 hours a day and always looks like a corpse,smokes life mad,socialises very little due to anxiety,has a pretty shitty life altogether,filled with issues,arguments,failures and many other things you wouldn’t want…
But I don’t hate myself.
I will keep thinking of myself highly so I won’t lose myself;to keep it together.I don’t care about what the nameless faces around me would say,I’m living for my fucking self and I’ll do it my way,not how others tell me.Otherwise,what’s the point…?
Atop being pessimistic.
Pessimism only brings forth more failure.
Try to be your own light (stylistically speaking,“save yourself”).
You are amazing in your own special way of being.
Just a good word coming from a pretty sorry individual.


What kind of metal you like ? Bands specifically . I like a lot of music including metal .

I listen to a â– â– â– â–  yon of bands and from many subgenres of metal.
Mostly,I listen to death metal,brutal deathcore and slam.
Here are the couple bands I frequent:

Shadow of Intent
Signs of the Swarm
Infant Annihilator
Slaughter to Prevail
Thy art is Murder
Fit for a King

Though I also listen to Metalcore and rock sometimes:
Swallow the Sun
Three Days Grace
Crimson Shadows
Get Scared
Pierce the Veil

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