What do you think(need opinion)

i´m trying to make a especialized build but i needed another plating and a last words to complete it
what do you think
(i´m gonna replace the terror cry and hammer)

You mean Specialized right? Anyways, You Should add more heat, You’ll get destroyed Especially with this new Heat Bomb weapon, Replace Terror cry with Last words, Remove the Hammer and replace it with a Different weapon, But for now, keep it


  • More Heat
  • Replace Terror Cry with Last words
  • Keep Hammer for now, Replace it with Bulldog or Brightroar if possible
  • More HP
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looks good (changing the terror cry for last words… and the hammer should be replaced by storm weaver if you ever get it


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lol my mech still doesn’t have mythical but still it has 1,300 my account Ronaldo and messi without the account

it wasnt made for heaters, my other one was made for heaters and physicals, while this one i´m trying to make for energy and psysicals

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okay… you should have mentioned that.