What do you think about my robot?


Well, I’M not taking you on any time soon.
(got me beat hands down)
How you guys manage this mech type amazes me.

It’s a hybrid,why?
Good heat stats but pretty low cooling for a heater (against another heater,Desolation and CL will do half the work for them).
Good health for a boiler,even better when maxed.
You could use some more energy.
Again,why the most typical physical weapon on a boiler?
Plus,please decide,Damage Heater or Mass Heater?
I’d give it an average of 6.5 (7.5 if it wasn’t for that Annihilation,that thing breaks your whole combo).

modules please?

Awesome start for sure. I tried annihilation myself for a while due to low energy stats - trust me, it didn’t work out nearly as well as I’d hoped. If you’re lucky enough to get Magma Blast, Reckoning or Abomination, definitely replace annihilation with those. Short of that, a terror cry for knockback should help. I’d also suggest replacing desolation with savagery, but that’s up to you. Heat cap’s awesome, cooling needs work. Energy too.

Overall pretty well done :+1:

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Maybe this would be a good build for him.
He is a heat mech right?

  • Side weapons
    Red Rapture (Is this the right name? For the L - M Flamethrower)
    Magma Blast (Which is damager + Cooling attacker.)
    Heat Version of Mercy (I don’t remember the name…)
    Desolation (Which he already has)
    (Keep in mind, L4k3 you played for longer than me so you can find out what to take out or not.)
  • Utilities
    Heat version of Void (Is the name Clash?)
    Heat Grappling Hook
  • Torso and Legs
    Brutality or Zakares (Depending on weight since this build I yet have to try. Then again I don’t even have the items. |_ {} |_ )
    Rolling Beasts (Or stick with devouring paws if you want :slight_smile: )
  • Modules
    2 Cooling Booster
    2 Heat Engines
    2 Iron Plates
    1 Energy Booster
    1 Energy Engine

L4K3 you can tweek this if you want since I am not a pro in Super Mechs.

So, Pros and Cons.

  • Pros
    Strong against energy mechs.
    Good amount of Heat and Energy.
    Good Resistance.
  • Cons
    Low energy regen and cooling.
    Savior Resistance isn’t needed as of right now, (Unless if you have L - M) so you need to remove that weight.
    No way to push them back, so Terror Cry might be useful, or Repulser.

If this helps you, or if this offends you, please let me know.

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bro i am sorry to tell you, but you aint going nowhere with that build unless you have a push wepon.
That dead range at 2, is a real deal breacker for most heat builds.
So unless you get a redocking, abomination, even a sorow, this will lack alot.
If you dont have those, the repulser, or terror cry are your only bets, i suggest going the repulser way, only one that seams resonable, instead of that anihilation, pretty sure you could fit another CL.

Mulțumesc El_Metre de sfat :wink:

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Crimson rapture, but still close ^^

The 1-use rocket lancher side weapon which deals high damage, reduce heat cap, cooling and explosive resistance ? then yes ^^

Reckoning ^^

Right, heat flying skull Clash, and so you know, energy one is named Snack ^^

Crimson Rapture :slight_smile:


It sounds pretty good
Better would be Crimson Rapture,Abomination,Magma,Desolation,but that’s still not the best one either.
Another idea would be Crimson,Sorrow,Magma and whatever heat top weapon (plus Rolling Beasts for mobility),even a Reckoning,Abomination and whatever other combo (but that would be a little heavier).
Builds like the Rocket King are usually the strongest or those that pack 3xMagma and something else.

Anyways,there are a lot of possibilities to make a heater if you have L-M’s.

You can make some pretty solid ones even with free-players items.
Here are a couple:

Dual CL (or CL and Savagery),Terror cry,either Vandal Rage (for a mass heat oriented build) or Deso/Supreme.
Or CL,Deso,Supreme,either Repulser (plus more hp) or Terror Cry (the f2p alternative to the Rocket King).

I doubt he has any heat L-M items…
I think he would have put them on his builds if he would have.

(Also,thanks for summoning me;now even the master builed Metre made his way here so feel free to ask him too :slight_smile: )


Read these :L

Especially the tips regarding mechs

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Yeah,Techno’s thread will be very helpful to you,when you get the mechanics you should take a look into this one to further improve your mechs:


Bring those legs to mythical before anything else

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I go with weaponry first now. I has enough hp as it is at rank 9 - 8 :>

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if your gonna use the vandal rage i’d change the desolation for savagery or a good top heat weapon focused for heating and not damaging, you could maybe even change the desolation for a second vandal if you wanna really wreck the cooling (im planning on doing dual vandal), i’d change the annihilation for a terror cry or abomination if you have one, and maybe get another CL… maybe not but who knows
your hp and heat are good, but the energy is low, i’d add a energy engine or energy capsule
but then your good

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Thank You baby