What do you think about my mech?

if u have any opinion about my modules,weapons,or anything else…please leave a comment below :slight_smile:


damn daniel , nice mech :+1:

dat shit be dank yo

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pretty slick :dark_sunglasses:

Show the modules and drone.

I think i fought u in ladder… Show your modules

I dont know why you have devouring paws tho…

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Switch paws with iron boots

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Iron boots are heavier than devoruing paws. Lel

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get scorching feet More hp, but less dmg.
that don’t matter cause u got 1 range weapons.

He has spare weight tho

9 more hp, meanwhile paws do like 15 more damage. Paws are better

That man got 6 spare weight,
IB are 17 more weight that DP.
GEt ur maths right, JK.

19 more HP.


that man can use annilation at range 1 so no need for leg dmg

Forgot about weights

thats super crazy thats a lot of health