What do you think about my design?


I’m happy if my design can be made, and many friends like.
If it is so I also want to get my own work …
Thank you for everything.


Is it just me, or does this remind of the show “Chi”? Anyways. Nice drawing!


thanks his praise


NICE! Good Job
Should have drones like the torsos too would be cool.


Later if I have more inspiration, I will try to make a drone


+1 for good hand-drawn art.


thank you, i feel happy


Man, that’s some good drawing. +1!!

I also like the idea of basing torsos/legs off of animals. Very good idea.



Watched the movie when I was young


Yes, me too
You also like the movie


I don’t remember it much lol


do you like the movie POWER RANGERS


The new one?