What do you think about "Corrupt Light" and "Malice Beam"

Just curious on how the community view these weapons


I think they’re pretty good weapons, better than the top weapon versions of each other. I’d say viable in the top ranks, somewhat. I have no problem with them.


Imo there’s nothing wrong with them. Not too op yet not too shitty


Top weapon versions are slightly better

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They are both good , specially the Malice Beam , Cuz it drains 150+ Energy with Arena Buffs , Shit is lit

the other topiv was deleted :C

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True but malice beam and corrupt light are in a better range for the majority of battles. Any battle with phys is going to be primarily from 1 to 6, half of that is in the side’s range while only 2 is in the top’s range. A bit far out for fighting phys. Granted, there are duo deso’s that you would have better luck fighting with the top weapons…

If anything I’m saying is wrong or not quite right I’m just doing general speculations influenced by my style of fighting.


In practicality, side weapon is better, but for stats, top weapon is better

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i say we just nerf everything besides upcs frantics and the new charge because those 3 weapons are balanced

Why is there no dislike button for that?

You forget buff them! How u dare! ;-;

Corrupt Light was actually the Dominant rank 1 weapon at the start of 2017 update, change. Then over time, it lost its High rank position. People still use it though. It still holds up in High ranks. So, corrupt is awesome.

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Welcome back, I havent seen you in a while Mr Fears, I also see you have feel prey to the pfp bug

Just don’t run dual CL, it won’t get you very far. I’d say that these weapons aren’t bad overall, but I had a CL, Sav mech that stopped working at about r7. Not bad, but there are better

Yes i Do Prince Unkept, But nice to see ya as well

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I like, currently user of CL.