What do you like to do guys like to do for fun

i am super bored i need something fun to do after school

something to do after the school?

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yah super boredddddddddddddd

bored of supermechs or don’t have nothing to do? xD

both its super boring and NO ONE MENTION SLEEEPING

xDDD am… when i get bored of supermechs I play LoL xD sometimes it is cool

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very funny just going wait for other ideas

okay xDDD or I see videos of pewdiepie marklipier elrubiusomg fernanfloo etc…

What to do to have fun? well fight or help some friends with their mechs that what I do does not seem fun but it’s fun lol

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also in real life you know i ran out out of foil to make rockets

do some sports no? :v with your friends or something like that actually me and my friands after the school we play baseball sometimes

i only can have friends over on the week end

whyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyy yyyyyyyy? dfgfgvsdg

(20 characters) xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd

i dont know but its stupid


thats lame i need a new idea its got to be fresh

Do homework

lol jk

I usually play basketball after school

or sometimes just sleep

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i am just going to go outside and launch some rockets

I just play with my right hand when I’m bored :smile: