What do you do?

We’ve got the bd players pictures thread I thought maybe we should talk about what we do as well. So what do you do for work? Or if you’re in school what are you studying? To start things off I am a welder in the aerospace industry.


Nice, I am currently in school and i want to become and Aerospace engineer. :slight_smile: I play mostly strategy games, like Europa Universalis IV. I am a history nut and collect coins and roman gear. I speak 2 languages English and Spanish. planning to learn a 3rd language (Portuguese or German)

Im a Senior in high school but i also work as a Youth Speaker with Young Life

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Data analyst with AT&T

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still studying and playing some fps games on steam but hey bd has a special place in my heart

I’m a jew


i went to college for mechanical assembly and have worked in the aerospace industry as a mechanical assembler and electrical assembler for 2 years… all to become a completely unrelated front desk agent at a hotel.

Mechanical Engineer currently working at Cummins.

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Student at college :stuck_out_tongue:

i have cherry and apricot farm :cherries:


really? thats cool.

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Yep, but its cool only when you eat :stuck_out_tongue:


wooh looks yummy! :+1:

Now I’m hungry for cherries… T_T

I’m a recently separated Air Force veteran. I was a Public Health technician for 8 years (as of last January), and now just going to school full time.


I sell my body to shady men in back alleys and night club private rooms. the money is good and all they ask is that you have well-toned glutes.


After I saw you post on this thread I was curious & excited to see what you do, but then after reading your answer I recalled myself, its bazinga who is answering.

Btw I’m a student & will be joining university after 3 months.

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For all the engineers and those studying to be engineers if you enter a metal working industry, talk to your welders lol

Navy submarine mechanic

I was a Public Health technician with the United States Air Force for 8 years. Now I go to school full time while taking care of my son. Hopefully I can find a good job here in a month, when school is over…