What do you consider active?


Hello there!

I was having a conversation with a friend about the game and the topic was activity, so I was wondering good people of battle dawn –

What do you consider as an active and inactive player?


A person who at least logins 5 times a day.and is reachable throughout the day by skype or discord.


5 times a day? You have to be glued to the screen to be called active


A person called @trajic1 fully committed himself to be active.
He is now 111 years old and 420 kilos.


he quit before realizing his full power of being active though, as usual


I am talking about a normal person who has a life.He needs to login 5 times a day.
Not like us :stuck_out_tongue:


Heh, you won’t like my definition. For me, on serious teams going for the win, anything less than 18 hours (on a 1 ticker) is not active. Ridiculous? Yes. But that’s why I stick to 1 tickers. Not saying they have to be glued to the screen those 18 hours, but they gotta be able to check in or be called on.


I used to go 2-4 hours of sleep the entire era at one point in my life. Kinda diminished to only doing that at times of war or start or end of era (which in my case is still all era). But still reachable at times im not on the game. But im not exactly considered a good player.


I like sleep. Activity is a foreign concept


hmm tough, but i kinda agree with malice but saying that i consider @youssefkh active even tho he has never logged on by choice, but is available on call 24/7.


Honestly i think activty comes down to the war rather than the full era if war breaks out and ur available 18 hours and can be woken up they yeah ur active whne it matters the most
imo being active when it amtters is the most important part
not like @sasuke96 @EnerGY @Rudi
oh also @trajic1 is inactive and useless


Activity is one thing and skill is another, I assure you though you score a 0 at both.


Is this to me? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised. #roastme


nah its to a person I admire a lot for his lovely language


So basically if you can’t commit an entire day to BD you will struggle to win? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeap, that’s fairly accurate to be honest.

You basically need at least one person in your alliance on at all times.


Well that’s no fun! I work 37-50 hours a week but I usually average about 10 hours at most, maybe more a day. Would a 1 ticker be better for me?


It really comes down to accessibility. It’s still possible to outsmart players, but activity is no doubt king. If you can’t be active enough to set off your traps when the enemy falls for them, then strategy won’t do you any good :slight_smile:


also some eras are easier than others honestly i would fully agree with every1 here if eras arent this easy atm
but if a real war does happen and u arent commited enough ur pretty screwed


stare at your screen all day, except for sleep/work/school when during that be reachable at all times