What do i need to myth

well, i have a few good weapons that are all level 1 legendaries, but i have 2 max level mythical items. my torso and legs. the items im debating on are-nightfall, annihilation, reckless beam, frantic brute, my drone tonto, and my rock recoiler.

tonto,nightfall then other weapons


And then mods if you don’t wanna get nae nae’d.

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tonto is not currently equipped and is a level 1 epic

sorry, i meant to put down hurlbat

Weko think reckless beam is useless desert fury is much useful for Weko -23 res :wink:

nah, i dont like desert fury. reckless beam has infinite uses. also, new debate, reckless beam annhiliation, or nightfall. ive ruled out recoiler and drone

this is my mech btw.

some of you may have seen me before.
i go by the name of SavvySalmon

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:joy::ok_hand: best build of the year @Pavic

I don’t understand why people just upgrade a item and not do any research on the item to see if it’s still good or not

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They are just playing for fun

Don’t judge them, just let them be

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what do you mean best build of the year. although this mech is a god, i lose to heat mechs in the arena a whole freaking lot.

thx for being on the side of people who dont look at stats. i just pick the weapons that go to divine, are matching my mech type, and that are powerful.

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1.Avenger is crap, but tanky.
2. Chill out on the weapons
2. Up, Ahnillation, nightfall, rockrecoiler, and Frantic(Optional)

FrAnTiC iS sHiT dOnT uSe iT

yeh, i need to up annihilation, im a strong anti energy, but i don’t do enough dmg. yah ill myth annihilation.

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