What do i do on the portal?

Is the drop rate increased? Do i farm the portal? I’ve never really did anything different when there are item portals and ive seen people get all these legendaries. Do i open all my boxes now?

Drop Rate is unknown (some report decreased, others don’t. Depends).

Farm the portal, regardless if you don’t get legendaries or decent ones. The fusion fod is well worth it.

Unless you wish to stack up for later and not fuse anything right away. I’d personally open them all right away. Others don’t, do what you wish.

Happy Farming!


Alright, thanks (20 characters)

you confirm the portal thats what i am doing but i dont know about the drop rate

When i use the ai to do hard on the portal, it might die. I also sometimes die on the portal without the ai. Should i farm ramboy instead?

This portal is just as disgusting as all the other recent ones. The chance of getting a box is below 50%, and the chances of actually getting a legendary is even lower. Not to mention how hard it is, this portal is just a repeat of every other new portal.


Very true.
Why the hell would Ts nerf the chances?

probably money of course.

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Hello pilots, we are giving you an opportunity to get free legendaries and, who knows, mayby even the L-M ones! Ofc it won’t be that easy and drop rates will be balanced so it’s fair both for p2w players as well as for f2p.


Is it a constant issue? if so I’d suggest packing JUST HP and Resist if able. I myself pack around 24-2800 hp so I don’t worry about dying on normal/hard modes.

(I believe you can get by with 2200 with minor watch time).

Well, you can’t please everyone. Either give a good portal or no portal. A bad one is worse than none because I’m wasting my time if I do it.