What do i do? Help me!

Should i buy a gold box? Or save to the next discount?

Buy them, the next discount will be pretty much the same.


Buy two golds…

<■■■■ that 20 thing>

Yeah i just bought them…and the result is ton of shitty stuff that i don’t need

I’ll never buy gold boxes again…saving token for ultra myth box

Buy ultas only if you already have many copys of the same myths :slight_smile:

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With the Ultra it said that 30% not in inventory, so i could find a useful myth item

never buy in the first 6hours of hotsale, all players come with his multi-acc to get those free boxes and make the drop of good miths go down…

check the vid of madao san, it takes 25 boxes to get a godmode… and only 13(maybe) to get a hellfire…

25 boxes on 2x!!!

so, the tip is, wait some hours before claim it or buy one :slight_smile:
(or enjoy the 5 legendary gold box and lots of energy modules)

I just calculated, if i complete all campaign misson ( Hard and insane mode), and saving tokens from watching ads, i will collect more than 1200 Tokens. Then i’ll wait for discount and buy the Ultra Myth box! :))

with the new bonus of completing the hard mode? and the goldboxes for beat the insane boss? :rabbit2:

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Yes and yes, that’s the only way i can get a lot of Tokens instead of buying them with my real cash :slight_smile:

tip: dont waste on big chest, save them and spend it on hotsales, yeah 3 miths sound great but if you spend the same tokens on goldboxes, on 2x, you can have 3-15 miths for the same price :slight_smile:

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what is god mode /i am a noob

man man man. Its Brutality. Over and out junior…