🔫 What did you say? (Picture Joke)


I never posted in this section so this is my first :point_up_2:
He said that to me but I one shotted him… LOL

Hid his name don’t mention it


LoL, that’s just Ramboy :sweat:





Worst things is, that its a campaign mechs.



I said don’t mention it -_- there’s a reason why I blurred his name :rage:


Well that’s the internet for ya. You tell them not to do something, they’ll be more convinced and do it anyways. :wink:


you should go on the comedy tour???


It was funny everything that someone said who he was and that’s why I will not give him a like more than the creator of the subject


I always tell him back …if it was insured i would have filed a claim when new version came out :slight_smile: