What did you dream about last night


This was recent.

I had a dream where PleasureBot posted in a certain chat room and it died instantly.


Well I would be sharing one of my most creepiest dream. I had this dream not very recently but couple of months back.

So I had kidnapped a girl/woman & I put her in my car’s trunk all while she was heavily resisting & then for driving for a couple of kms I came across a police check post where cops rescued the chick & arrested me.

Well I had more creepier dreams than this, which Im not comfortable sharing here so wont be talking abt them.


i was dreamin, about me viewing the forums, then i wake up, and i was like: dude wtf of s**** dream is that.


I had a nightmare.
I had 100 homework to do.


Was that a dream?..I thought it was real


Yes it was a nightmare.
Except for the fact I have to do like 10 today.


Homework monster that attacked me.