What did you dream about last night


lets all share our funny,weird,cool dreams we dreamed last night
you dont have to if it was weird or super wrong


I dreamt about myself being in a regular world, but filled with Anime Characters (Yep)

Was an amazing dream.


exactly what type of anime characters or were they just a mix


uh i dont really want to discuss mine… other than lets just say… theyre sometimes umm… well never mind



Discuss! Discuss! Discuss!


Just a mix.


no i rather not

unless youre over 18 and can picture weird cosmic entities


let me guess it was creepy weird and disturbing


Ah, over 18 you say. Yeah, it’s probably a bad idea to discuss something like that in front of young Brennan. Good call.


well lets rate it like a movie i think it would be rated R


I was dreaming about my crush whole night :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Love you D…


yeah its probably rated R or nc17


Lsst night?
I dreamt about flying.


I usually dream everynight, hard to remember. but you must remember to dream better.

I dream about winged flying and a women getting undressed in a hotel room, but it wasn’t a wet dream.


i had one like this but it was a really hot girl


What a coincidence…I finally had a Dream last night…here it is:

Gipsy Avenger was fighting a mech from SM, Gipsy Avenger looked different and the mech from SM was more detailed and realistic…Gipsy Cut the SM robot in half and was standing in triumph. Then after that I was transferred to Transformers where Optimus Prime was fighting my SM mech which was also more detailed. My SM mech Finished off Optimus with Mercy and soon without realising I was eating popcorn in the middle of the street while a robotic Santa was riding on an avalanche on a sleigh shaped snowboard, he rapidly came towards me and when he was right in front of my face it all turned black…

The most weirdest dream I have ever had…

I am surprised that I remembered it too


Last night,I was dreaming about me being a Raze Soldier(from raze 2) going to war with school.Sadly,we lost to the principal. :frowning:


This is and old dream which is the best dream I had which is being a jedi fighting darth vader and win xd


my dream:
i was standing in a top of a volcano and it exploded killing me. the end


A drunk person waisting g tap water on my plants carelessly lol