What Country Is Everyone In?

I come from a primitive ape-like creatures dominated country.


Its freedom alright, set with so many rules…

I live in the USA

My state flag is a poorly drawn sun, so bad they had to give it it’s on name; the “Zia”

Please understand this as satire

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Anyway, our modern society demands rules. Laws are made by people directly, or indirectly by the representatives they vote for.


He isnt my king though, my loyalty needs to be won

Hey I live in the same state and country as those flags.(California America)


Nice! I rarely meet people in the West Coast, mostly from the East Coast. :man_shrugging:

Looks like you joined the CA club…

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What do you mean by that

Club of California…

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Keep your California away from me :grin:



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what loyalty

mr ghost division, btb, elite mechs, hardtokill, and every other clan you hopped out of lol


china can do in their country what they wish.but why are u attacking all world?
222 out of 239 years of the time – America has been at war!!! do u wanna list?

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  1. I Left GD Due To it new being one of the most toxic clans, i never left BTB, I am free to join whenever, What is Elite Mechs? And I Will Do Most things to get into HTK

Hoy walang ganyanan HAHAHAHA proud Pinoy here
*insert Pinoy pride pic

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Algeria here :crazy_face:

No protests here …:laughing::laughing::smile: