What can i build with these items?

i have these physical weapons but what is the best build for them(sorry for bad english)

Use the Mercy and those two Anihillation, at least transform the epic one to legendary, and use the Avenger torso. Then, the cooling mass booster, two or three HP modules and some heat and energy modules.

@Hentai Thank you for the idea and while i dont have energy modules what i can replace them temporaly heat modules or Hp modules???

Use zarkares torso, it is good for have no premium plates.


Use Avenger, iron boots, and a void if you have one. For the weapons, do 2 anni, 1 mercy, and 1 night eagle. Add 2-3 heat engines and the rest epic plates. No need for energy since you have 2 anni and a mercy.

You could go for the close enforcer Avenger build:
Dual Annihilations,Void,Night Eagle,Iron Boots.
The thing has 2300 hp when put enough plates,has decent heat and cooling but no energy (as a semi energy-free build).
It’s a pretty effective physical build.

Nightfall or annihilation, mercy, nighteagle, void
Boots or beasts, avenger or zark, couple of heat modules the rest is hp plates