WHAT!? can buy purple coloured mech by 0.99 dollar?



But the parts are hot garbage.


This just shows how the mentality of TS team evolved all these years… I remember the same offer (exclusive mech with full specs), but it featured the following items:
Cannon Feet
Firewall (!) - this was my first firewall, never landed it from the box…
and a couple of other very useful myths… Yes, all in one pack. Yes, the price was bigger… Yes, it was OP like shit, because you paid for actual myths you see on the screen…


i saw some offer with black COLORED mech. yup i know there are was black paint for 1000 sm coins, but suddenly it disappeared… but mech was still black but parts was not mythical, thought…


There were still offers similar to what you describe for new players when I created my account. It was much more than $1 though.


2 lava sprays mayhem battery heat engine evil flame drone and i think some epic regen and cooling modules


Now that i would pay for.