What build should i focus on?


So at the moment I use a phys build with zark, rolling beasts, dual anni and night eagle. I got reckoning recently and I am wondering if it is better to switch to a zark, scorching feet, reckoning build with supreme and desolation.



i like physical but feel free to do what you think


1 annihilation+ 2 nightfall+ 1 night eagle is the best build without premium items
These topic may help you get stronger :slight_smile:


Yeah I don’t have any nightfall’s at the moment unfortunately so that’s why I have been considering the reck build. Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:


Do this one
You only need 2 energy engines, so you can focus on a bit more heat and more health, if you can manage the weight


Unfortunately, you haven’t abomination. If you got it, try this set up.

  • reckoning
  • abomination
  • 2 vandal rage
  • nemo/murmur

Use only 1 energy engine.