What build can I build with SuperCharge Protector

Well i got SuperCharge Protector in Premium box and now i want to use it. If i didnt got one build i’ll make SuperCharge Protector a myth food.

It is unfortunately the least usefull of the protectors.
It could fit on a res oriented energy free heat build.
It could fit on an anti elec build, but usually an energy engine would prove to be more efficient.


It is a good item to have for a res king build or a energy counter

It can be useful when countering damage oriented energies

Do not use it as myth food. Use it for an energy counter such as 2x hot flash or desolation

You may as well keep it anyways for titans

Good for Raid when you will be taking hits from energy mechs. Otherwise useless garbage on any rounded mech. An energy engine would do better than that module.

use it for raid or enrgy free mech