What are your deepest fears?


It was SeanChoi1870…


Oh, true. What I said still stands about there being a separate topic though.


Yeah, I kinda did start it, I’m sorry…let’s stop this convo


Yes. When you die, you get sucked in a black hole, come out of a white hole, get abducted by the spiritual form of Harambe, go to Haven, Meet Stephen Hillenburg there and be the new animator for Fairy Odd Parents.



I can’t, it epends on individuals…
I could name some in my opinion, but you could not agree…

And it’s not because you’re believing in something, that everyone does…


my deepest fear is that ill never find a girl that will love me for who i am and that ill never amount to anything


also i dont have a fear of being forgotten, i know it will happen because i dont know anyone except the 5 members of my family


a lot of things.


Fear of being upside down feeling of ripped apart from something that never happend in my life

Fear of the screams in my head that one day the scream will get louder and it will make scream as well

Fear of not able to be better

Im not afraid of death because death is natural

Fear of i would die because reading flat earth gaved me cancer


everything are fears of yours
grammar problem?


fear of flat earth


meme is one of your fear ?


MEmes that are not funny


memes are always funny
because they are at top of jokes