What are your deepest fears?


that’s so weird, because this is my greatest fantasy. I want salty hand grease all over my defenseless body.


perspectives differ when ya got a shiny exterior and a gold sheen




My fear is

This is a marshmellow


who wants to gnaw on human bones?
who wants to gnaw on human bones
who wants to gnaw on human bones
who wants to gnaw on human bones
who wants to gnaw on human bones
who wants to gnaw on human bones



when the sun is touchable


The sun transforming into a supernova


terrorist attack

Suicide Bombing


The existance of an actual god, but my doubt is as deep as the fear


Mannequins and horses.


Mannequins I can get (you have a fear that they will suddenly come alive, but will be easy to kill with FLAMETHROWERS)

Horses I kinda don’t get, is it because you fell from one? (also easy to kill with FLAMETHROWERS)


@cyanine mannequins it’s actually just because of you’re out in a busy shop and you see one, at first you think it’s a real person, just kinda messes with my head.

I’ve never been on a horse. I just think they have unnaturally long and big heads.

My ultimate fear would me a mannequin horse head.



This time, it will chase you lol


my deepest fear…


2019-04-06-04-37-16 dis guy has just subbed to my channel
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i dont even know how can the kind of her contests are relative to SM sprites lol
but im a bit affair
he may hax or he can be a sprite stealer


Is there a word for the fear of duying without doing what you wanted to ?
And the fear fo being raped ?


Just be ugly so you are immune to second one


I have arachnophobia, I am also scared of bugs.


3 rounded energy mech



This messed me up proper. Good ole Silent Hill.