What are your deepest fears?


Post down below what things you have the greatest fear of.

I am not afraid of death. It’s something that everyone will have to come to terms with sooner or later. What I am afraid of, is the method that I have to pass to reach the state of death. I would hate to die in a very painful way. If the method of death is not painful, then I’m not scared of it.

I am afraid of time passing. I could be in a happy moment and it will pass by instantly, or I would be in a sad or painful moment that will seem to go on forever. I am afraid of the future and what it has in store for me. I don’t have much now, and I don’t know what my future will be, if I even have one. I’m afraid of my childhood and happiest moments flying before my eyes, left with only sad memories.


My deepest fear is being forgotten.


acknowledging my own mediocrity


Centipedes cause they are ugly
And begin alone, eclipsed by everyone, knowing that i will never be special or important, just a guy that everyone ignores, and then need to endure thar until the day i die (alone) regreting every bad descicion, shet that was hard to say


Who are you? New member?


I’ll always remember you bb <3

so feel free to kys lmao :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::100:


I think my fear its kinda exaggerated right?


your fear is the same as mine, and also the same as w.p.t.o.w’s. realising you don’t really have any special talents, insights or abilities to offer the world or even an individual and dying without leaving a mark on anyone or anything.


I have a deep fear, that at night I’m following a tail light of a ghost car, and it will lead me down a cliff.

I also have an another fear, a fear of heights. Well not just heights, fear of heights of monsters :v


The only thing that its diferent, i consider y fear to be reality (cause i dont have any skill or talent)


Fear of Heights, Fear of Bugs, Fear of being forgotten…

My 3 Fears



Commonly. I’ll guess, the touchy-feelings scare you (hair-like spines on the legs)

Damn I don’t want that. Like if you die, no one remembers that you even existed… Well after a long time yes.


I don’t have a fear of being forgotten. Why? Because I’ve never gone anything great that would make someone remember me. I’m always lonely, so I’m not afraid of being alone, either.


Im also scared of dogs, hobbos, basically all insects (but not from spiders and scorpion) darkness, begin alone in new places, heights, important people (example: admins) fightin, and muscular people
I think im a coward


being knocked down from @SeanChoi1870 's shelf


I have nyctophobia (fear of the dark) and arachnophobia (fear of spiders).
i also despise insects


Hehe, I’m going to take you to school show and tell and accidentally knock you over




what kind of mirrors


nooo please

my 2nd worst fear is having other strangers touch me with their grimy hands