What are you going to do over the summer

i am going on a plane trip, and also going to go to the beach, and sleep, and probilly accidentally burn a tree
so what you guys going to do

baiting people in the forum saying that emp is not op


Going on a cruise.

Conquer the world and make everyone my slave


Play BD…yes!

I thought you lived in Fiji… isn’t it Winter? Lol

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i have to wait six months for summer so i will plan ahead

Summer is already ending here lol

going to several camps, skate , cycle , maybe play some other games.

Go the sea , prolly go to greece

Flexing about your trip to Greece

greece is poor rn lol

To the pissland.

there enjoy life

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Jerry can’t die u t wat.


But srsly i haven’t been planing to go somewhere.

I am going to continue doing nothing, timer. starts. NOW.

Im gonna spend my summer studying for finals, and in August im going home to work and collect money
Lame I know

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but very realistic…

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Going to the azores to swim

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