What are you expecting for Valentine day?

With me all start with my best smile and eyes contact…nothing else.


it is an anglo-saxon holyday…it has nothing to do with me…i expect nothing…:unamused:


Valentines is a Hallmark made up Holiday. You have 365 days to show the one you are with that you love them. Yet, on this day, people do it one day a year.


another big f*ck you to people’s expectations, but in pink


HMMMM, should i?

simple, a 15% sale .

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I clicked nothing, cause i thought it was about real life, then i read it and changed my answer

You know, it’s really the same with other holidays, at their core each kind of boils down to loving others around you.

me to get stabbed by arrows

I guess you can say, YES on that. Though, other holidays are worth celebrating than Valentines Day.

Thanks Giving
Mothers Day
Fathers Day
New Year
4th of July

All worth celebrating.

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A knife :hocho: :dagger: :crossed_swords:

It just sucks we decide to celebrate most holidays on only one day each per year though ngl

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I’m expecting this game to finally shutdown, so I can stop coming here and seeing nothing but people QQing about everything

y’all need new games to populate.


Finally someone managed to get back to reality.
good luck

crap, my girlfriend left me recently:enttäuscht:

None… Bcuz even though my luck in every game is 0.000000000001%, i am still happy with my life rn

Yes this what imma thinking you should love people 34/7 not only 1 per year and keep hating them for the left 364 days

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I am trying hard to get the one i want and my friemds are just amazing guys for my planz

My flag is red
Enemy is blue
Marry me or
T 72 will kill you