What are the odds on boxes?

when buying mythical box…what is odds on epic/legendary items ?

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Odds are… CRAPPY and Crapier from what I’ve experienced already. When you do happen to get an EPIC instead of the normal COMMON, RARE over and over you end up with a duplicate EPIC. Extremely low chances of getting LEGENDARY unless for some reason out of the couple hundred boxes I’m mister unlucky :rage:

BUT at least you can Transform some of the COMMON, RARE to Legendary or Mythical

Im talking about buying premium box…

The odds

Yes I know, that’s what I was referring to.
The most recent update has pushed it down to 1 EPIC per box instead of how it was a few updates ago with a few items in the box and I haven’t bought a bunch of these new ones but out of the 10 today I bought they were all epic.

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I know someone else buy 12 boxes and got zero legendary.

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It’s true … but besides that there is more likely to be an epic than a legendary, most of the legendary are class 2, or those that you can get from epics.

And another thing … it takes away emotion that is a single item per box. When you have 2 or more items you are more excited to buy. But when you only get 1, you disappoint. It’s a basic marketing concept, people are curious, they like to guess, to see things. It becomes more entertaining and encourages to buy when there are more items.


I believe their thinking goes something like this

“Money on their mind and their mind on the money…”