What are the most overpowered items you've seen so far?


Post them in this topic.

Wondering how long it takes before anyone finishes Overlord’s Den on normal at least, the new items are completely overpowered, i doubt Tacticsoft took any measures at all


I’ve cleared Insane. The final mission on insane need 3+ Repair kits to be clearable. You can fail if you don’t have enough of these.


so far the strongest weapon i saw was the new deathpunch. seriously 350 dmg in a single turn. ._.


Dude, 350 isn’t even close to how high death punch can go. You want to know what’s really ridiculous? An energy death punch right after the opponent’s drained your energy. Crazy damage


most damage I got through a electric Death Punch was …

757 damage … well “played”, no way to win, doesn’t matter what you do !

so so so many game-issues now, I am tiered to repeat repeat and repeat all the time, WITHOUT getting ANY responds from tacticsoft !

^^ was that their target ?



The actual T-Soft staff doesn’t look at the forums…

They wouldn’t bother responding to every single one of us either.


Deathpunch, hands down most op weapon ever, now of we had 2 of them, you get a one
-two knockout.