What anime is better NARUTO VS ONE PIECE

I honestly think one piece is better.

Moved to off topic because isnt SM related

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what but someone did which is better mobile or pc

please don’t flag this topic thank you.

We won’t, but don’t put it where it doesn’t belong, alright?

wtf i put it in general discussion where does it go ?

i am big fan of animes. IF u wanna start your anime carreer tell me and i will tell u all the good aimes anyways which is better one piece or naruto

Stuff like this should be put in off topic, general discussions is general discussions about supermechs, not other topics.

oh sry i just started forum

like 1 week before people kept flagging me i didnt understand why

did u put it offtopic

Its partially a bit of that, a bit of toxicity from both us and you (which I regret) and partially, well, even I don’t know

Also I’m more of a Choujin Masterforce fan myself

ok … yes me tooo

im a bit of re:zero right here

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It’ll take him like 10,000 episodes to become pirate king. Naruto is white boi anime. Idk

No it wont take that long

I prefer gintama.

Just watch regular show boomers


or adventure time