What actually happened?


I was looking through the whole guideline stuff and came across two admins who haven’t posted for a while!
@Elcent and Sarah247.
I looked through and found that Sarah is on holiday, which is why I didn’t tag her so she doesn’t get disturbed! :grinning:
But Elcent! :confused:

What happened?
He hasn’t been on for a while! Did something happen? I couldn’t find anything on it!
@lordgorgon, @SeanChoi1870?


Why did you tag us?


In case you know what happened?


I don’t unfortunately


Alright then, I will wait, and ask someone else or wait here… This might be my last reply!




If you haven’t noticed, berserk40000 and smirk are the new community managers.


Posting is not only activity moderators have, there is flag checking too


There are multiple reasons Elcent isn’t on the forum as much. One being how busy he is irl. Another being that he is now an Admin for Battle Dawn, not a moderator of the forum anymore. Those are not the only reasons but they are the only ones I can publicly disclose


i think marija replaced elcent.
im not sure though…


Elcent’s main job is passing judgement and helping players in Battle Dawn, he does a pretty good job at it and we’ve had pretty much 0 complaints. (though he’s still training)

In SM he did score well in the poll and all that, but ultimately he (and other BD Admins) work at a very minimal salary (Elcent himself makes at most a small pizza in a month, in a really, really good month) to upkeep the game they love. BD has no fulltimers, we’re not that large, we need all the good staff we have.

We really can’t (and don’t) want our admins to be distracted by anything else, and SM was becoming a distraction for some of them.

The same happened to Josh about a year ago, if you remember. He used to sit around helping and trying to calm people down. but he ended up having to migrate to BD exclusively.

I also made a decision for myself for similar reasons about a year before that, you may have noticed I went from reading and replying to almost everything, to only sporadically getting involved.