What a week in medal wars

Congrats to this weeks winners ! What a close clan battle for first and second . Congrats Reign and Trolls that was a nail biter .

The nail biting continued in the personal medals . Three people tied for second ??? Congrats to Darkstare , Invictus (amazing builds and strategy) and my dude Gorgon . Bravo to all and to HTK for third place medal . All well fought and exciting to the last minute .


One of the longest season ends and also one of the most interesting.
Thank you @Shabbadoo52 !
Congratulations everyone for this high level performance!!


who won first place


There is something that caught my attention powerfully and is a social issue.

I don’t mean you, Shabadoo or Gorgy, who don’t cook yourself at the first boil. I don’t mean me either, I’m bigger than you, of course. And neither to other mummies that are in the game and that every time we are less.

I connected half an hour before the end of tournament and I saw a lot of people connected and playing, people who average between 15 and 20 years and on a Valentine’s day or night and I thought that at 20 years they was not caught me by anyone playing an online game in front of a screen in Friday Love Day!

What happens to us as a society? What will these girls and boys tell when they are 50 years old about what they were doing at 20 or 15? Oh yea! At 20 I was playing supermechs in a Friday on Valentine’s Day!


Definitely an exhilarating ending! I was quite anxious, even though I knew it doesn’t matter. GG @Invicktus and @lordgorgon, well fought. Thanks @Shabbadoo52 mate.

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Confused huh? Let me explain

1.Do you realize that not everyone celebrate that shit? (yes it is a shit,i ll explain below just wait)and for many people is just a capitalist propaganda which helps chocolate companies and set us on diabetes (jk jk )

2 Maybe morning for some,since there are many time zones u know?

Love day? Cut the bs

Since many don t know the differences between different cultures and what they celebrate,i m wondering that too,take romania as an example,we got our own version of this shit called Dragobete (which is probably about the same age like America as country ,so very old) and many don t celebrate that,since they don t want to.

I for example,since i believe that this is for dumb persons doing the fact that if u consider that u have to show ur gratitude or love to a person just once or twice per year,doing craps like this,well sorry to say but u are wrong,u can show that everyday with small things,making them smile,being there for them when they need it the most,a small thing at the perfect time values way more than a crap for VD (most of people have such interesting ideas for VD such as roses,chocolate,Jewelry,heart pillows,dinners,teddy bears and other shit)

If u want to make that person happy,give something which value way more than all those craps,ur time.


15 years old kids dating is meh,at that age u should have others priorities(i m not saying that i was better at that age,all i m trying to say is that looking back ,i realized that at that age u take every temporary detail which does not matter as an important truth (which is not) )

Who the heck will ask u what u were doing on your VD when u will be 50?like what the heck

Next time just stay on topic,since all i can see there is frustration,those guys did a great job in 3vs3 which is not easy at all.
Gj guys.


Trafalgar … I have the rule not to answer you, because I think that answering you is like talking with a wall.

Anyway it seems to me that you don´t celebrate anything, neither Christmas, nor New Year, nor Halloween, nor birthdays, nor Valentine’s Day, nor the Independence of Romania … and also that you accuse others of frustration as if you saw yourself in a mirror, because nobody knows what don’t have inside yourself.

I mean that at 15 or 20 years, any excuse is good (including Valentine’s Day or St. whatever is celebrated in the Belgian Congo Day) to go out on a Friday night with friends to celebrate what to be. I am very surprised that they are in front of a computer or the small screen of a mobile playing supermechs.

PS: Yes, someone will ask you once what you were doing at age 20. You will see.


Wepwawet is a boomer.


Says the one which ignores the cultural differences of others.But yeah i m the wall,the Berlin wall if u want something from your teenage years.

We don t celebrate invented shits without purpose (beside idiots) since we got our own versions which are far older than this capitalist rip offs XD

Put xmas and halloween in the same boat?really?u don t worth the time at this point

We don t need an excuse to go out here,idk about ur country too.

Ok boomer .
U are supposed to take care of grandchildren or to make delicious cakes or some shit at ur age but u are here roasting some kids which are better at the game which owns ur life.

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Still a better story than , “i was roaming in a park with a girl feeding her chocolates who later went on to marry a more rich guy cause ur grandpa was a broke ass”

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No. She married another because the chocolates were bad. It’s not grandpa’s fault, it’s the chocolates’ fault.

What do you think teenagers should do on Valentine’s night? Also, do you remember any celebration of VD day when you were 15-20 years old? If the question is uncomfortable, you can ignore


I think it´s a good opportunity to get together with friends and go out to have fun. And also Friday is the best day to go out.

When I was 20, Valentine was not celebrating here, but we always found an occasion to celebrate, if there was nothing we invented someone’s birthday or something. But I didn’t have a Friday or Saturday night at home! Only if was sick. And it wouldn’t have entered my mind to be with my friends and looking at the phone screen .

This “play” games (before they were meetings in someone’s house, now they are online games), in my time they looked like things that were done by children or adults and was not considered a very fun activity.


Translation is:

In this highly codified world, with internet and other navigations, I still prefer the old artisan kiss, which has always it communicated so much…

The world is changing Nancy. Globalization has brought new diseases … new holidays and a new way of spending free time. We may not perceive it, but it is a new reality. Our parents also had problems with us when we were young. If today’s youth are to live as we has our lives 30 years ago - the world will throw them in the trash.
We can advise … we can point out the advantages or disadvantages … we can support in a difficult moment. But if you impose your vision of life - they will just consider you a stranger and will close their heart to you.
My words probably sound corny. But this is the words of the father


. Valentines day is every day with me and my wife . We love each other and never miss a moment to say so or show it .


I personnaly sent the wife out with my mother in law and spent the evening with my daughter. Was very sweet, but shes very small so slept early.
Good point is the wife came back drunk, so ive had my valentine day wild sex.


Whats that game called?

Metal Slug Attack , this is an limited time event boss