What a joke, how was I even supposed to win


Fix your matchmaking system TS, this goes beyond unfair


If you are rank 4 you are probably in the top 500 players :confused: Seems you lack a lot of energy and will take extra damage from his weapons. Perhaps adding a bit more energy and taking away a plate may help in future battles?

(Energy do additional damage every-time you are on 0 energy. The damage they deal is equal to the gun damage + the energy they would have taken away had you had any)


I’m fully aware of how energy works, I have my mech set up this way to combat physical and heat, since it’s pointless trying to beat high tier energy mechs
Thanks for the advice anyway


glad to see matchmaking has not changed


Well it kind of sucks, but that mech there is a top tier energy build.
Only as an advice, i wouldnt pull the drone on first turn, i would have jumped in range,or use the night eagle.
Unlike other top tier energy builds this one is kind of weak at range 1-2, in drain potential.
Dont know if it would have won, but i sure would have dented more of his hp.
Plus that build of yours is seen alot in the black skull tier. It is a very decent build.


Using the drone on turn 1 allows me to do more damage overall (since Annihilation has limited uses)



3 possibilities so you can increase your HP (you need everything maxed) …


You got some really nice builds there.
Good job on them :wink:
Those can have potential of cpuntering energy.
But use them efficiently, there is a certain patter of move to make.
Also the start position is important.The closer the better, but range 3 is also good. Simce you cam night eagle and anihilation combo it.


With other torsos it could be better, but he has this …

By the way, they all carry hook and charge. when faced with an energy you have to know how to manage its use well, don´t spend everything in the first 2 turns


@Wepwawet , @El_Metre concerning my build, I plan to use a Zarkares torso in the future, since it’s better than brutality in almost every way


With Zack

And with wendygo, replace seraph with nighteagle, and deduct 3kg from the build.
Ps:also add another 10 cooling to both builds, cause the modules arent maxed


El Metre is inlove with Seraph … but it could also be that way:


It hits 300 dmg and closes the range… why would you not love it. Plus i like that extra 89 heat cap.


Take out the numbers of what would happen if these 6 plates were mythical … I think that it would directly leave you out of competition.


Simply add 1020 more hp to them.
In theory, you can stomp a mech to death.


In theory, my Zark mech would only need 1 maxed Cooling Mass Booster, the rest is for HP and energy


Beware of cooling! It’s more important than max heat!


Watchout for corupt light users. They can perma overheat you in 2 turns, specialy with a nemo drone.


I usually just let my drone handle them, and use my 2 action points to cool down and get close