Wew. 1 day left

Until the dumb item limit goes into effect


*until i stop logging into SM because i wont be able to do anything


Acquiring modules will take forever n upgrading will take eternity, totally waste of important time. I’m going to pass my account to some one else.

Who play this game keep appearing popups ad’s. :sob:

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me please

(but seriously may i be the one?)

also that is a messed up game

How many myths you have

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now 2 almost 3



Yeah, when the item limit kicks in… again… I won’t be able to do anything.

I am in the process of building my next mythical, so I have a bunch of epics on hand, and a few legendaries for upgrade purposes…

I have been asking about this since 2 weeks ago, and since no news have been released, (including with the new update…) I am not hopeful.

It is not fun opening one box at a time, and upgrading one item at a time… It is much more fun mass acquiring item boxes, and fusing them all in the mech part.

So where in the world is that item limit change? I thought the purpose of the item limit getting delayed repeatedly is a form of temporary solution until a more permanent one can be implemented.


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Perhaps the solution is another extension?

Give it another 30 days. :slight_smile:

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campaign play restriction
silver box restriction
upgrade item restriction
mech slot restriction
item limit restriction

if pilot is new and weak he wont bother to continue playing this game.

warning this is restricted game do not press install.

  • restrictions apply

Item limit is dumb, it can literally prevent people from playing the game.


If say someone only has old legacy items, then they can’t buy new items, and they can’t boost their current items . They are stuck

I legit love the fact that the devs of SM hate their players so much. I was trying to quit but was having trouble doing that. This way they are making it almost impossible for me to play, so i HAVE TO quit. No other option. Thank you, devs. <3

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It’s probably because trash-talking about the game is one of the player’s pastime here.


Hey now, the players have good reason to talk. I mean, we could listen to you and just say things like “well, i cant play the game because i cant progress since i am unable to open any boxes or earn money because i cant get the “get 20 items” bonus, which also stops me from getting the tokens from the “all daily quests” bonus and all the money and time i put into the game is wasted but im gonna be hopeful that the devs will have a change of heart and fix everything even though they’ve been doing the opposite of that this entire time”, but that would be irrational and very unlikely to happen.

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Ok that was a pretty good high quality run-on sentence.

Well the point of games is to have fun, and if that’s the only thing that allows me to have fun in the game, I don’t see why not. :slight_smile:

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And the point of fun atm is…drop the myth plates and fight for a day :slight_smile:
Would be like goat mechs of the past.
Actualy if we only use epic wepons and modules and torsos… it willbe exactly like the legacy version of the game :slight_smile:

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I actually thought of making mechs with epic and lower rarity items only, that would be the new “goat format”.


i would allow the torsos and legs to be mythical, so that the fights last longer, and there would be some tactical things in it…hmm let me think about some new goat format rules and maybe find the fun in it.