We're retiring from this game


They didn’t. While we have 900s and 1000s, they have idiotic 1400s and more


Very dumb, we have already complained that it’s super hard to do the campaign on f2p (I’m currently f2p post update but was paying player before) but now we have less health and damage.


Exactly - that’s his problem, he will never be the best, he wish, but will never be able to be !



Hey everyone.

Welp, seems like this is it − I’m leaving Super Mechs. After a while I stopped playing the game after the update, but I was still active on the forums. Now I barely watch even it. I will probably still take a look at the forums once in a while, but my hopes for the game is particularly low (I’m usually optimist about games but this is just straight ridiculous…).

It’s sad to see any game get ruined after a time by its own developers who became money-thirsty.



werent you the guy who won 1000 tokens on a giveaway of kaeN?


Yes I was, but bad luck hit me hard: when I started playing SM on Armor Games, it automatically “registered” a SM account for my AG account. You can gift tokens only on BD, but the same “happened”/happens, so actually I have two different accounts, one SM and one BD, and AG support said that they can’t connect the two without damaging my account. So, if Kaen sent me the tokens on BD, I couldn’t use them on SM. I don’t want to make another account (not as if I didn’t lose all my progress with this “update”), and I’m tired of the SM developers’ bullshit.

RIP “explanation composition” I tried


its quite clear that this game has screwed over tons of people, may all of your supermechs accounts rest in peace :slight_smile:


well said these new top players need to stop being such pr!cks just caue you guys got powerful in amidst of all this chaos doesn’t mean you guys are good, this game is now about just click and shoot, not a game about strategy so ofc they wuld just win, I’d like to see them take this attitude into the old SM they would get stomped.


it’s history !



someone from the opponents in the battle said that then, 2014-15, reminded him of chess. I don’t really agree, but…


Chess is a total different thing …

if you compare the playing time with the thinking time for a game …

chess :
you need to think 85 - 95 % of the playing time to be able to win against other strong opponets

old SuperMechs :
(not the one before the update, the one with different battle-levels)
you needed to think around 30 - max 40 % of the playing time to avoid any mistakes

new SuperMechs :
you need to think around 5 - max 15 % of the playing time to avoid any mistakes

Of course the % depends on your knowledge and intelligence !
But I am pretty sure my written % here are very close to the parctice in general !



I been quit i just dont like what the game has become i also dont like being forced to start over when sm reloaded launched my money and time were wasted i hope things can change and i can find a reason to play again.


cough May this thread rest in pieces ONCE AGAIN, and will never be foggotten in our heart…cough

Where’s the guy with the “necroing thread” fake Pokemon/MAGIC card ? ^^


@PyroBlitz show the necropost card



ill be the next one.


The reason I’m even on is for the youtube vids


revives the topic and I am retiring!!!


Doubt that. This game too addicting. You’ll be back. Your just taking a brake from it. See ya again though.


Good luck and bye bye