We're retiring from this game


This post should be dead. I mean, if you’re not retiring, just start a new topic. Otherwise, it’s unrelated.


Goodbye chaps, it’s been fun. I think my biggest accomplishment in this game is making the chat cancerous and never losing an argument. Then again, this game was a masterpiece in 2013-15. GG.



gg to you too mate


Thanks buddy, never forget Uncle 32.



Don’t worry, I’ll continue your legacy.


Your new avatar is nice.


Hello everyone here! I am new to the game without much knowledge of how this game was like in the past. But I really hope it could be further updated and improved as I really like it : )


“Further updated” hold up mate. Before TS releases another hell, how about they do something about the current situation… lack of SM, items to fuse (at least for me), little exp gain, crap rates for legendaries, and for god’s sake undo the nerfs on bigboy T-T


This game is really good as you can see how people have to make a topic like THIS in order to show how much how much they love the game


I fully agree with you. This game was released through APPLE APP STORE (China) very recently, before this I didn’t even know the game. It seems that this game has already had a long history, but for freshmen such as me, we expect it to have a future development: )


It’s ok… you will learn the truth soon enough…



AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA, that they will old friend, that they will.


You forgot this: *INTERNAL CRYING*


“The Kids”


Well i quess soon it will be my time to hang the gloves up… not really feeling this new game.


well you keep saying that, yet here you are.


Never did i say that befor, but thank you for your kind words… now go play in the mud or finger paint some homework, befor you get spanked.


@Misfit Life will teach you, that things are not white or black definitely, but have nuances.

You need to mature and learn to read between the lines what people really need.


I know. Just take the time. Don´t let a cloud cover the Sun. You have all the potential to be the best.

And you have good friends who support you, friends that you known how to win, that is a good reason to stay, more than the game itself.


They nerfed our heath and weapon power, but what about the campaign bots. Doesn’t seem like they got nerfed. (Unless I just can’t tell.)