We're retiring from this game


well there has been alot of posts…but mainly its the complaints and they aren’t getting any answers probably cause they either know they screwed up, or they just laughing it off.



Fangs number one anyway…
That’s why he likes it…


It’s way too obvious lol


oh i didn’t know that…well that changes my view about his post very dramatically


The only reason I’m still playing, is the fact that if they choose to ignore everything, we are gonna be stuck with this version. But I’m spending another penny on this game until they address our questions and requests directly.


Remove the costs, refund the credits. There you go.


those are some big dreams kid!


I m also retiering i m bored of this new updates.I m also going to stop playing Super Mechs cuz all player r now becoming bore because of this new update.Bye super mechs forever.


I also kept my bullet weapons as a reminder of good times but now i m leaving this game.this update has nothing its boring now i was playin Super Mechs from 2011 and now my progress is all ruined because of this update.


i think they brought back the bullets and rockets to see if it would make the legacy items more usable but they removed it after a day when they found out how shit the old items really are compared to the new ones even after the return of the rocket and bullet system. i really want to think that they are working on a fix but are they really THAT greedy to not just remove the fusion costs but to think of another solution? i think 50% of the problem is cause of the fusion costs and inventory timer and size and the other problem’s lies with the trashness of the legacy items among other issues…

all im saying is if they are that greedy to think about something else instead of removing the fusion costs, i don’t think this game will ever get fixed.


I think it may be time to hang this up too… I’ll check back on the game in a few days… I think it’s better than watching a countdown of my game going poof.
Later all. Thanks for the play.


if anyone want to message just message me at my gmail


Who were harmed by this update? It hurt active players who bought a lot.

However he favored the new ones who accumulated many coins, simply because they did not know that could be done with them. It also favored (it is fair to say) the cheaters that took advantage of bugs to gather fusion and coins.

But … there are other class of players who were favored … the old players who months ago had withdrawn from the game. These had many things and coins accumulated on their accounts. Boxes to open, etc. Some of these players have returned to the game, have changed their name and now they are here again.

If you like the “discover the killer” game, watch all the “new” accounts of “new pro” and you will be able to recognize some of these old pro.


It is true. We were all noobs once. We all started from 0 some time with weapons that you now see and provoke laughter.

However, after months or years of effort we managed to reach a certain level. Then you cannot ask a pro to come back to the beginning again. It’s like asking a doctor or a lawyer to run the race again because the rules have changed.

Personally, like many, I have returned to play in 1x1, like noob. I don´t like. I get bored. I was a 3x3 player. I feel like I’ve stepped back. That everything I did and what learned, was taken away.

I continue in the game and strive, for my clan and my friends. But frankly, it bores me a lot. And it will be a long time before I can play again and be competitive in 3x3. I don´t know if will resist so much.



“We all quit, new update sucks and made the game worse. Admins don’t care about old top players who spent a lot of money and time.”

You’re welcome.


And after 3-4 years i finally quit :confused: I was never a hardcore player, but i was collecting myths all this time…Now all my hard work is wasted…I dont understand the game anymore, I wasnt playing for past 5 months, but now it looks like a new game to me…All i can say is Tacticsoft sure destroyed a wonderful game :worried:


There will always be those who are scared of change or progress


Have you even tried the update? It’s a big “f**k you” to pre-update players.


Amen to that… 20 bla bla bla limit


yes i played before the update for quite a while

i was r2