We're retiring from this game


It is too late to bring the old SM back, many players actually fused away their high level mythicals, the only options we have are to buy tokens to satisfy our needs, or leave the game


Good luck to everyone!!

In my case I have not officially retired yet. I left the clan, so as not to harm them.

As I will not invest money in buying coins, I know don´t have much future. And I haven´t the time or patience to spend 8 hours a day in front of the computer playing campaigns.

So I will continue until I get hooked with another game.

My account was very strong, but at the moment it has almost nothing worthwhile. It is probably one of the poorest accounts in the game. I just refused to destroy my missile weapons. I keep them as a reminder of the good times.


As much nostalgia and good vibes SuperMechs has brought me throughout the years I think it’s time for this old veteran to take his leave from the game. Back in 2013 I enjoyed this game very much but when Mythical’s dropped I never experienced the fun and creativeness that I was used to feeling. Now don’t get me wrong, the new update that just dropped was made to fix this issue, but now I’m just more lost than ever. I can’t figure things out and it’s too much for my small brain to handle. I don’t think I’ll come online that often but for now I’m gone for good. I just wanted to thank all of the brilliant people I’ve met on this game and for the 5 good years of fun I’ve been able to experience, it’s truly been one hell of a ride! Don’t think of this message as the end, but more of a new beginning, thanks to everyone!

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Im right with u guys im retiring as well fk this update hard it sucks so freakin bad u admins betetr fix this or u lose your money we worked hard for eyars and now u do this to us this isa disgrace im officialy retired now i just come to visit SO EVERYONE ELAVE SUPER MECHS ASAP


I spent 500 tokens to get money to keep in the game!
If the veterans do not spend tokens they die!:raiva: :raiva:
:soluço: :soluço: :chorar: :chorar:


wow guys

i actually really like this update

wtf is wrong with you guys
didn’t even give it a chance


Waiting for them to remove fusion costs first…

Then I’ll give it a chance.


you get 6000 from a pvp win

getting money is easy


Do you live in the past ?

Here some more facts for you :

New update, started to play yesterday.
Have in mind I had the most powerfull account of this game (+200,000 bought tokens / +200 full fused items/mythicals).

  • I converted 98,000,000 SM Coins.
  • I used +13,000 tokens = 200 $ !!! (from my left 17,000 tokens)
  • I had 3460 items
  • I used 800 items to boost


1 full fused mech with “random” mythicals

I win very easy 1v1 (around 1200 - 1700 HP left) against “avarage” players (also top players from old version) with some good myths, because it is now totally unbalanced !

I lose to “players” (cheaters), who have the best available mythicals already also full fused with opponent left 1000 - 1200 HP !

Of course they bought 50,000 tokens = 800 $ to get all that best stuff full fused !

Of course WE ALL are DUMB and believe in miracles !

So …

WHAT I have to do with my rest of 2660 items ???

WHAT to do with my +200 full fused items, which fusion is now close to nothing worth anymore OVER night ?

I am out of Gold Coins, I am soon out of tokens !

WE, my friends, my sponsor and me, will NEVER invest 1 single cent into this game anymore !

Because of all this very messed up updates.
Because of you still let cheaters play this game !




Stop this nonsense. Fusion costs have to go. No alternatives.

We cannot win PvP if we don’t have a new mech.

Remove fusion costs, and THEN we can make good PvP mechs.


HERE IS MY PURCHASE HISTORY, now give me my money back.
(I miscalculated, I only spent 163+ USD, not 170+, the 7 dollars was from another game)


Back then I used an app on IOS called “Quickthoughts”, I take surveys and make a few money, each week I make 10 dollars, but now im lazy and feel no point lol


Explain this: How do we know now that we got ***** by this update if we wouldn’t have given it a chance…? :wink:


This is all a big lie. It is a lie that now anyone can have a mythical mech and become top without spending money.

This only increases the gap of inequality between those who can buy a lot and those who can not buy.

If you choose the long way to not buy tokens, by the time you have a mythic mech all fused, you will have married, your children will have finished high school and supermechs no longer exists. Not to mention if you want to have 3 full fused!!

All these players who spent their millions of coins on new mechs, have built blindly. Within 1 or 2 weeks they will have to build again if they want to keep their place in the top and they will no longer have coins to spend.


Listen, At the end of the day, No one cares about retiring more than you do.

you prob said this a thousand times and think of this as spam but, its simple, no admin cares about top ranked players retiring.


To new players this is a golden chance for them, but to old players who spent over 100$ and are above lvl 30 and cannot get any F****** lvl up rewards and can’t even upgrade their 2-3 only new items cause they don’t have enough gold and can’t even get them cause they can’t play the missions anymore cause all our valuable mythical items deal nothing compared to the new NPC’s, this update is the worst kind on their (and my) opinion


Frankly Sir, Thats really a big “IF” considering the fact that we can even win against a new guy with a bunch of new legendary’s with our Legacy-NotEvenMaxed Mythicals. most of us are prob sure as hell not spending a dime on this game anymore until they give us a proper refund OR change the fusion system which is what most of us want and is on HIGH DEMAND.

That Is All.


If they remove costs thats millions of credits from top 10 wasted, either nerf the costs or give rollback the credits!


they lazy af for giving back original credits spent so if there’s a 1% chance of them even doing something about it, its nerfing


They don’t reply to support emails, there has been no post what is this Dead Week?