We're retiring from this game


"Hi, i played this game for a while and it was fun to finally become able to compete for the top 100, with this new update, all our efforts were in vain, your old items are all useless and powercreeped by even rare/epic new items, mythical new items are beyond broken.

The developers made a closed beta, selected their testers and now say that they had a beta running for so long and nobody gave them feedback on how terrible this update would be if it went live.

This is a giant middle finger to all players who spent their time increasing their collections or spent real money on this game, old items can’t be upgraded and are barely usefull as fodder, fully fused lvl 16 myths cost 600k power! they barely give you power now if you use them to upgrade the new items.

They added a fuel system, limiting players from playing freely to gather coins to improve their mechs, good luck farming now for coins when you need around 1M to have a single mythical item upgraded, it will take months for mere mortals.

The inventory limitation, only a “bright” mind would think of such feature, they even forgot that the only way to get rid of excessive amount of items is by using them to upgrade other, good luck to all those who have over 1k items left in their inventory, it will take you months to gather coins to get rid of them, but hey, they didn’t saw this coming.

The color kits… they removed them by “accident” only to return them now if you pay tokens… and why the hell some colors are way more expensive than others?

The game became even more unbalanced than before, i doubt it can be saved after so many terrible decisions that were made, way to destroy a game with amazing potential due to the greed of the game developers, i would risk to say that those who spent real money here were scammed hard and i don’t even know if this is legal.

Meanwhile, plenty of reports of hackers exploiting the game were made and the developers chose to ignore those, not punishing these players who became even more powerfull now that this update arrived.

Happy to not change the 1 star rating i gave this game, i wonder where did all those thousands of players went…

Anyway, time to move on and have fun doing something else, i hope that this helps someone open their eyes, good luck everyone and have fun, it is just a game :D"


In the beta we just tested the balance of new items
We didn’t really know at that time that they’ll not change the stats of old items

I’ll try the new update for a month and then give the feedback


You don’t need to. It’s already bad enough. Just leave supermechs. It’ll never get better after this. They’ve officially screwed up in life.


We talk! bye bye dear!!


What the heck, did they merge all of our quitting posts together?


Yeah see, it’s kina tiring seeing the same thing over and over again.


Hi all its Urbu,

I need fun.
I need surprise.
I don’t need this.
I need to retire
Urbu is Urbu

why dont u guys just DAB ON 'EM HATERS




Haha they merged all quitting posts they were too much :grin:


Same thing happening with BD…


Wub… hope you guys have a good time after you guys quit!!!
Don’t worry… i already did…


SM has officially made a Super Massive draw back since the new update :frowning:


I’ll miss you Lauren.I know this game has become crappy now…so i am also leaving it for some months…maybe forever and i’ll miss ya all :slight_smile: it had been a great time with you guys.


@Fluxeon pme me your discord to cordis


same here… i just play 3 or 4 month, well kinda hard climbing all the way to rank 3.
maybe its not so long like other, but all the time i use to farm money is kinda worthless now…
now all my mytical is not working… even in 3 vs 3 i lost 2 mechs before defeat 1 enemy mech.
maybe you should fire the man who have this whole shi* idea XD no joke
oh and also someone who charge about cheater… they both suck in their job lol

well goodluck with ur new moneygrabbing tacticsoft… #ShameOnYouSM
Adios all old Player and New Player… have fun :smiley:

i guess this is time to say goodbye… Bye Guys have fun


They arent going to change anything just because some people are leaving lol.
A LOT of the player base is staying.
I feel like people are over reacting way too much. Not to mention that some are just joining the bandwagon, and saying theyre leaving cuz its the “cool thing to do”. But we know damn well they aint going nowhere. I think in time the new update will be good and balanced. I’m only quitting cuz i spent way too much time and money to start over. I just cant be bothered.
Soon new players and maybe even some old players will come back and the game will just have different people. Simple as that.


Well I have not been able to build a good mech. It is true that I had not accumulated many coins. But the few items I’ve got, 90% of them consume energy, even the drones. And an item that consumes energy does not work. We went back to the times that we thought were overcome by drones that don´t work without energy.

Maybe that’s what explains that among the new constructions there are so many energy mechs. The energy problem is that it needs a lot of energy to survive against other energys. There are things that never change.

There is also no guide for “new” weapons, so, when I start to build I don´t know in which direction I go or what my chances are. That’s another trick for you to buy tokens. You build things that are only good a week, later you have to start over.

I totally refuse to spend 1 single $ token. I´ve been cheated once, and the one who burns with milk, sees the cow and cries. Yesterday I could have bought tokens, but you know what? I bought a nice perfume !! With the money I left in 1 year on this game, I could have made 2 trips to Europe (and I live in Uruguay, for us it is not cheap to travel).

So, with very few tokens and campaigns that give a miserable amount of coins, I do not see much future.

But all this is very positive for me !! I’m a person who is hard to me get away from places and people. But I cannot stand boredom either. So tacticsoft is giving me a big favor, saving money and I’m getting bored. Which means it will be easier for me to get away from this toxic game.


I think you’re wrong
The change from sm. In gold
I was always among the first 150 players
Now 6500 position
I had 200 mitycal now zero
And now what should I buy gold?
Sorry guys you had to make a different change or a new game.
I let the game
play you and have fun.
bye Bye


update is worse than i thougt.
4 year of playing and spending money to reach top clan (llyl) and top 50 for azz!

i quit, thanx ts


Bring back old sm , money and gems are so hard to collect , and boosting one or two items costs you al most all money,

Then some problems here are that when you transform the awesome button (exit button) on the screen doesnt work.
You need to level up like 5 times to earn 10 gems that can only be used to buy color kits
And if you want to make good actualization , pay attention to people ideas or nerf some items .