We're retiring from this game


yeah, i will leave too


They fixed the hacking thing??? U cant add tokens/fusion/items anymore?
(im not familiar with how it worked)


I dont know what cheats you mean:confounded:
But now game really like a shit
to build ONE top mech you need to spend OVER 500 HOURS in game.


The fact u play dumb is so cute madao. :wink:


yea, now sm is shet, If you are not donater or cheater, there’s no sense in playing
im leave :disappointed:


Uhm its always been like that lol. Tf?


we all leave SM cause it’s shit like always


Guys, i’m think that i’m going to quit this game cuz with the new update, my old mech are out match the new mechs, that means my 2 freaking year of playing this game are wasted… and i’m not happy at all… this will also mean that my old inventory will not good enough to fight anymore. I thought that the new update will be more fair to both old and new players, but i was wrong. Now i feel like Lightning McQueen in Cars 3 but in this time, i’m retire for good
P/s: thanks everyone who have supported me, i’m very greatful, and to those who will continue to play SM, have fun and good luck in the future :))) love you all


Only saving grace is that you can use your old items to fuse but thats still retarded because if you don’t play within the 24 days they give you, you cant get any new items. Meaning you’re literally locked out of playing the game and getting new items lol


спасибо что мой двух летний труд бесполезный


yep… most of us are anyway…


Helow #smreloaded players, Namy :rabbit2: for last time here:

Some of you know than i was beta tester, the only F2P who ended the campaing and the one who make more than 40 levels on that week; i was quiet and playing for 2 hours the new update, and for first time on my 15 years like a gamer, i will say: “stop”.

  1. for reward of beta week i make enough levels to get 1060 tokens; i only got 560.
  2. 10sm millions become 1, the new economy is like exchange any latinoamerican coin for Euros.
  3. “legacy” cant be used for transform.
  4. i say on beta but aparently i was ignored: 1000k increment on boxes is too high if you see the rewards of campaing or arena, its unbalanced. 500 or 100 are much better.
  5. game is not compatible with internet explorer, and has a superbig lag on chrome.
  6. the ads ratio is insane, every battle has ads.
  7. campaing isnt reseted, so i cant get the same rewards like anyone, same for archivements.
  8. i was forced to buy chest when i opened today the game, so if i wanted keep my money the game say: sorry ma’am but you must spend it.
  9. no mith shop, so we cant see what we can make.
  10. the tutorial now is unnecesary, has lies about game.

Dont know why, but in this moment i feel like if someone just betrayed me, happy and so angry, bored and looking for something else to do.

So, thanks @Sarah247 for let me be part of beta testers, try before all the new stuff and get real fun, but something on this past week comes wrong, and the update is too far for be the shadow of what we test, beta was fun, crazy, a strategic nightmare; the new update, well, is boring.

if someone wants my acc, ask for it.

bye all… im out… enjoy.


Stay on the forums pls


Pretty pretty pls???


dont worry, always will be a “namy” inside of your mind saying: who are you? and Where is my cookie?


Even if campaign reset, the boxes are trash. I made a new account to see if newbies have it easy, I was wrong. They have it just as hard. Each stage gives gold boxes now, but the gold boxes only give rare items at best (I think, I opened like 3 of them, did not get a single epic, only rares and commons). My plan for my account now is to just hope I get something good from the daily rewards.


lol ok then

will miss you though

have one last cookie as a farewell gift


the point is not get the boxes, rewards or any other thing… the fact is, i have ended the 100% of campaing, kill the last boss for get only 20k, waste 5-10 mins and for what? what is the point for beat something than you already kill with no bonus. its a boss and has a shame of reward.

i say it on beta, lot of times, rewards are low, bosses are boring… but i just get ignored aparently.

just enjoy the game guys, i will find something else to do, eat cookies sound great.


Be happy people!

(if someone knows how close this acc reply me or pm me)


was u the girl who told to me about candies? ok. good luck.