We're retiring from this game


I’ve been so burned with this tacticsoft filth, they tell me “game” and make me want to vomit.

But over time I might get caught up in another, healthier game than this.

Once, doing searches on Google, someone said in a forum “you tell me what Tacticsoft games are!”. Then I didn´t understand too much, now I understand. Now I understand why they tolerate hackers and everything else, because they are all the same.


yes please , i really want to. Plus ll have to find my old ps2 somewhere in the house lol


TFW when you thought this update will be good but it fucked up the game even more from all sides


Haven’t spend a $ on this beta update. You gotta learn that the Conversion System was what made the game dead. the fact u could change ur credits to boxes. Thats how. I gave up spending irl money last year xD


Game wasn’t a thing in 2011. It released in 2012.


Some people tend to mistake Battlemechs as part of SM. :confused:




Some even think that BD is better than SM…


dude this update did not help, they made a new game rather than upgrading it. i as well will be leaving this game. i wish luck to you all.


Of course it is a new game! The game you knew no longer exists, they closed it.

You have the option of starting back or retiring.

If you choose the first option, “erase and new account”, it does so knowing that it will be in a hacked game, with a corrupt administration that protects hackers and in which it will take years (and a good dose of luck) to become a Pro, if you do not want to give away your money.

The upside is that if you stay, you will not lose touch with your friends.

It is about putting on the scales what is what you want.

What is doubly positive is that bad experiences are also learned. You learned here a very important lesson. And maybe over time rescue that it is better to spend time or money on something good and it is not trash from the internet.

Good luck!!


Krystal its me -cherry-
It was wonderful playing with u but u can join me in rertirement.rip krystal


140 item limit… Say bye to the hundreds of mythicals you spent thousands of dollars on HMMMM seems legit.


PM me them @Fluxeon.

You got 400.000.000 SM by a bug…
and you used it…
That is all.[quote=“Dead_Inside, post:19, topic:4516, full:true”]
140 item limit… Say bye to the hundreds of mythicals you spent thousands of dollars on HMMMM seems legit.

I am sure they do that to avoid a mythical use… Pff…

I will fuse the myths but keep the low level light stuff… :slight_smile:


Myths are weak asf now, its not so u dont use em… no one will use any with few examples like torsos/modules.


the most shitty thing is that color kits costs tokens and fusing… that is definitly SHIT :slight_smile:


agreed… ■■■■ this shit i’m out


It wasn’t a bug. They multiplied everyons credits depending on how much you had before


Well im leaving now. It was bad enough dealing with the blatantly obvious hackers that were mainly in shrio such as kig blink and madao san, which were never punished. That made me stop playing actively for a few weeks, and as some probably noticed i havent posted on here in a month.

And now there’s the new update which completely changed the game.
My favorite part would probably have to be where all the mythicals you spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars (like me) are now useless AND you have to get rid of 'em. They should have given spenders some kind of credit (in “Gold” or tokens") for all the useless items (example: 150-200 tokens per myth). But at the same time they shouldnt cuz then 1) they wont spend money on the new version and 2) will continue to be the OP top players that dominate the game. It is what it is. ¯\ (ツ)

Anyway this thread is just my formal goodbye. I might come back later idk but im not gonna spend another penny on this game, and therefore im gonna suck, and im not gonna play if im gonna suck.
Might pop up on chat to troll, then again no i f***ing wont, what for? For who? The 10 idiots, trolls and noobs on chat? nah son.
So yeh I dont have much to say. Someone please PM me (via FB or whatever ) if they undo or remove the current update.


Yep, R.I.P Super Mechs
I will leave too


I completely agree. I was waiting for a good update, not a piece of shit in which you need to play 24 hours a day