We're retiring from this game


I’m done with Supermechs, not that I hate it, but here’s why

##The community

  1. The chat
    The first thing I get on and see is either trading or players bragging. Just please stop man, I mean, look. Just because you are in a good clan does not mean you are powerful and start to LOOK DOWN on players (You probably know who this person is). This is the least favorite thing when it comes to chatting.
  2. Cyberbullying
    What the hell. Do mods even care about this? This happens everyday and also a big problem in the community. When someone owns a good mech and calling newer players noob, it’s very DISRESPECTFUL. You started out as a new player too, everyone was, so stop calling people noob/judging by the mechs. A peson might be rank 3 and bad at playing, but behind the screen, that person might be a good person in the society!

The game mechanics

  1. There is no skill needed in this game anymore, it’s just about luck and talking trash about others.
  2. Items are insanely overpowered, my 3 years of hard work turned into ash and blown away by the wind.
  3. The money that I spent was over 170 USD, but now, it was all for nothing.

The real skill

Many kids in this game don’t work for money, mostly telling their parents to buy tokens. The real skill I’m talking about is knowledge and helping others in real life. When you see an old lady on the street, you ignore her because you knew she wouldn’t give you anything in return but a thank. That is PATHETIC. I don’t help others for money, I help others for my own good, which is joy and happiness. I drew fanarts of this game because I actually enjoy drawing, not to beg for tokens in return. I always try to entertain people in English top ranks and many actually laughed. I’m really glad for entertaining players instead of bragging about how good I am or how many medals I have.

Thank you to all my friends that supported me in the 3 years of Supermechs. I will continue drawing fanarts and get back to playing sports.

I leave the game
General Thread - Number of players leaving SM

Ripperoni in pepperoni.

We will miss you, Lauren.

We can always talk on Discord/FB.


The third retiring I’ve seen today. How surprising.


Sadly non of them is Flux :confused:


The faster everyone quits, the faster the developers will realize how crappy their game is becoming. I encourage everyone else to do the same.




I luv u lauren u can hug me


F*** this upgrade… Later all, I’m glad to enjoy this forum with you all. You all were cool. Enjoy this new upgrade… I’m not. Might be back, we’ll see. They need to return to the old. Anyway, I’m out. I might come and go in the forum. Later all… :slight_smile:


4th retiring post I’ve seen because of this update. Supermechs, you messed up big time.


este juego sorprende mas y mas creo que mas me sorprende lo tan malo que se puso en tan pocos meses!!! solo me queda por decir que tuve buenos amigos aquí y por eso sera difisìl pensar en volver de nuevo a este juego…prefiero olvidarles y seguir mi camino y darle oportunidad a otros juegos…



I’ve been with sm since the home screen was the inside of a mech. I’ve been collecting items for 3 years and all of the items I’ve worked my balls off for are completely useless now. 3 years down the drain.


That inside Mech UI was good


Bye arc… we’ll all miss you
I already quit btw…



ok at first glance i thought ‘‘hey now f2p players will have a chanse’’

Now that the update is live its impossible to play at the start without the right items , i havent gotten the ones from my 1 million coins , and im only losing . p2w players already got too op. cough @Fang456 cough

with that being said , like what the f**k is this anymore? it was a peacefull game now its just chaos.

I am officially retireing from supermechs. Was fun playing these 5 years , but its now the end. Will probably start polaying some other games , some that dont necesarily need p2w.

Fun Knowing yall guys. good bye


May i sugest some? I will pm you some other games i play, that requier skill… and are hacker free.


creo estamos exagerando, precipitándonos sin probar antes, pero bueno es tu decisión y se respecta


Can you PM me some games, El Metre?


m wondering if I’m leaving the game or not. It hurts by all the good people I’ve met here.

But this update is meant for you to spend money on buying coins. The coins that give you the missions now, is miserable. And after all this scam, I will not put 1 single $ more in SM.

That yes, I will not go empty handed. I’m too old to be robbed this way.


Just keep contacts with your closest friends, add them on Facebook, Discord, Skype… whatever.

And then you can leave knowing that you still have your friends. :slight_smile: