Wenkwenkwenk cewl update

Title is how I describe how everything went. After seeing all these previews, and some gameplay in beta, we were all like: “F*ck yeah! This will be an awesome update!”. Well, that simply isn’t the case. In all honesty, my initial reaction “Fantastic Update!”. After watching some replays, observing my mech’s stats compared to people who has very OP mechs. I absolutely have no idea how players got these OP mechs.Then, I regret saying about how good this update was. I tried making one, it looked extremely weak compared the mechs I’ve seen. I understand that they could have farmed some stuff before the update went live. Or something fishy is going on behind the scenes. Whatever it is, like a lot of other players, I’m basically screwed with this new update. We were expecting some serious but great changes, all these expectations are just painful. Expectation vs. Reality.

If you’re some a-hole that says “This is just a video game, not your life”. Well, some people here spent money, REAL LIFE money and TIME in this game. Why? Because they enjoy the game and want to support the game to further improve its content. If you’re going to comment stuff like that, don’t. It’s not helping. This is a stupid issue. We have hackers that aren’t getting taken care of. Back to the update itself. How could anyone have mechs like that in the first day of the update? Aren’t you feeling skeptical? :slight_smile: Maybe there is a magic? Or some fairy god corgi powers? We dunno. All we know is that this update is a total disaster for people who didn’t prepare for this funtastic update.

A lot of topics are made about “Ahhh I’m quitting SM!” “I’m retiring because they broke the game up” “Ah crap, I suck in this new update I dunno what to do”. A lot of people are now complaining about how catastrophic this update is, no response. (Probably thinking how to solve all this)

All in all, this is a great update if we don’t have these hackers. And some changes regarding the fusion thing is also gonna make things better. Again, IF only these were done.

I’m just waiting to see if anything will be done. “67” new topics. How crazy is that? :slight_smile:

wenkwenkwenk. Cewl update. wenkwenkwenk. Everything is balanced. : - )


Literally 90% of all these are from players who didn’t even tried the update for at least a while .-.

Yeah I also quit but hey, at least I tried for atleast 5 hours and conclude my experience about the update( I have plenty of spare time ._. )